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Orson Klender

A Tree-Hugging Home Reaches New Heights, Via Houzz.com

With a second story added and other parts restored, this Los Angeles home with a sycamore running through it suits the owner even better

The location was perfect. Nestled in the woods of Los Angeles, surrounded at night by deer and coyotes, with no neighbors to speak of, this 1950s Hollywood Hills abode was the perfect California hideaway. A five-minute drive put you on Hollywood Boulevard. The western redcedar exterior looked like a cabin, but the midcentury layout felt fresh. Jack Latner had found the perfect house before he even stepped inside.In 2009, after a year of searching, Latner bought the 1950s Val Powelson home from its third owner. He was easily sold on the property; an 800-square-foot master bedroom addition that enclosed a decades-old California sycamore tree only sweetened the deal. “I thought it was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen,” he says. In aNew York Times article featuring the addition, the previous homeowner had said the tree had been there longer than both himself and the house, and for that reason it deserved to stay. Latner, a California transplant, sees this as indoor-outdoor design at its finest. Most people are shocked when they see it, he says, then they ask if it’s real.

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